Elastic Slingshot Powers Snipefish Feeding

October 30, 2018

The snipefish, an ocean-dwelling relative of the seahorse, has a very long, skinny snout ending in a tiny mouth. A recent study by UC Davis graduate student Sarah Longo shows that snipefish feed with an elastic-boosted head flick at almost unprecedented speed.

“At as little as two milliseconds, it’s among the fastest feeding events ever recorded for fish,” said Longo, now a postdoctoral researcher at Duke University.

Summer Research on the Coast: Scholarship Supports Undergrad Emily Meyers at Bodega Marine Laboratory

September 28, 2018

Thanks to philanthropic support, senior Emily Meyers, an Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity major at UC Davis, was able to conduct research for her senior thesis at the Bodega Marine Laboratory this past summer.  Emily conducts research in the lab of Professor Jay Stachowicz and she studies the biodiversity of invertebrates in seagrass beds, important environments affected by climate change.