Pop Bio Alumni Directory

The Population Biology Graduate Group was established in 1992. We began admitting students in 1993-94.


ABBOTT, Jessica: Ph.D. December 2015
Mentor(s): Jay Stachowicz
Disseration: The Effects of Genotypic Richness, Genetic Relatedness, and Trait Variation in a Seagrass Community
Current Postion: Research Ecologist
Institute for Wildlife Studies; Arcata, CA

ADLER, Lynn: Ph.D. June 2000
Mentor(s): Rick Karban and Sharon Strauss
Dissertation: Herbivory and pollination in hemiparasitic plants: effects of host plant and host-obtained alkaloids.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Biology
University of Massachusetts

AFKHAMI, Michelle: Ph.D. March 2013
Mentor(s): Sharon Strauss
Disseration: Effects of Mutualists and TheirInteractions at Local and Rangewide Scales.
Current Postion: Assistant Professor of Ecology, University of Miami

AGRAWAL, Anurag: Ph.D. June 1999
Mentor(s): Rick Karban
Dissertation: Evolutionary ecology of phenotypic plasticity in plant defense against.
Current Position: Professor, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Cornell University

AQUILINO, Kristin: Ph.D. December 2011
Mentor(s): Jay Stachowicz
Dissertation: A Multi-Factorial Approach to Examining the Causes and Consequences of Local Rocky Shore Species Distributions.
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher: Bodega Marine Labs

ARMSTRONG, Anne Frances: Ph.D. March 2018
Mentor(s): Richard Grosberg
Dissertation: A Comparative Developmental and Transcriptomic Analysis of the Evolution of Larval Type in Two Sea Biscuit Species and their Hybrids
Current Position: Postdoc
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California

ASHANDER, Jaime: Ph.D. September 2016
Mentor(s): Marissa Baskett
Dissertation: Causes and Consequences of Evolutionary Rescue in Noisy Environments
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Resources for the Future (RFF), Washington DC,

BAACK, Eric: Ph.D. December 2003
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton
Dissertation: An Investigation of Ecological Factors Affecting Tetraploid Speciation in Snow Buttercups Ranunculus Adoneus and Ranunculaceae.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology
Luther College

BAKER, Mitchell: Masters November 1994 ; Ph. D. Animal Behavior, December 1998
Mentor(s): Hugh Dingle
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Queens College, CUNY

BASTOW, Justin: Ph.D. December 2007
Mentor(s): Donald Strong
Dissertation: Processing Chain Interactions in a Grassland Detrital Food Web: The Role of Porcellio Scaber in the California Coastal Prairie.
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Eastern Washington University

BAYTHAVONG, Brooke: Ph.D. June 2009
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton and Kevin Rice
Dissertation: Understanding the Consequences of Spatial Environmental Variation in a Serpentine Mosaic Landscape: Selection on Seed Dispersal, Genetic Differentiation, and Phenotypic Plasticity.
Current Position: TBD

BELL, Alison: Ph.D. September 2003
Mentor(s): Judy Stamps
Dissertation: Effects of an Endocrine Disrupter on the Development of Behavioral Differences Between Individuals and Populations of Three-spined Stickleback (Gasterosteus Aculeatus).
Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Animal Biology
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

BENARD, Michael: Ph.D. September 2005
Mentor(s): H. Bradley Shaffer
Dissertation: Local Adaptation and Phenotypic Plasticity in Response to Predators: An Investigation Using the Pacific Treefrog (Pseudacris Regilla).
Current Position: Associate Professor of Biology
Case Western Reserve University

BERG, Jeremy: Ph.D. September 2016
Mentor(s): Graham Coop
Dissertation: On the Population Genetics of Adaptation From Standing Variation
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics
University of Chicago 

BEST, Rebecca: Ph.D. December 2012
Mentor(s): Jay Stachowicz
Dissertation: Ecological and Evolutionary Determinants of Diversity in Communities of Seagrass Mesograzers
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Northern Arizona University

BOETTIGER, Carl: Ph.D. December 2012
Mentor(s): Alan Hastings
Dissertation: Regime Shifts in Ecology and Evolution
Current Position: Assistant Professor
UC Berkeley

BOLNICK, Daniel: Ph.D. September 2003
Mentor(s): Peter Wainwright
Dissertation: Intraspecific competition and niche expansion
Current Position: Professor
University of Texas at Austin

BRADBURD, Gideon: Ph.D. September 2015
Mentor(s): Graham Coop
Dissertation: Exploring Spatial Patterns of Genetic Differentiation.
Current Position: : Fall 2016, Assistant Professor
Michigan State University, and

BRADY, Sean: Ph.D. September 2002
Mentor(s): Phil Ward
Dissertation: Phylogenetics of Army Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Based on Morphological and Molecular Data.
Current Position: Curator of Hymenoptera (Ants & Bees)
Smithsonian Institute: National Museum of Natural History

BRAVERMAN, John: Ph.D. September 1995
Mentor(s): Charles Langley
Dissertation: Genetic Hitchhiking: A Computer Simulation Study and Survey of DNA Variation in Natural Populations of Drosophila melanogaster.
Current Position: Fr. Braverman is Associate Professor of Biology
Saint Joseph's University

BRUNA, Emilio: Ph.D. September 2001
Mentor(s): Susan Harrison and Sharon Strauss
Dissertation: Effect of Habitat Fragmentation on the Growth, Reproduction, and Population Dynamics of an Amazonian Understory Herb (Heliconia acuminata, Heliconiaceae). 
Current Position: Professor, Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation,
University of Florida

BYRNES, Jarrett: Ph.D. June 2008
Mentor(s): Jay Stachowicz
Dissertation: Patterns and Consequences of Changing Biodiversity in Coastal Marine Food Webs.
Current Position: Assistant Professor
University of Massachusetts Boston

CARLSON, Rose: Ph.D. June 2008
Mentor(s): Peter Wainwright
Dissertation: Evolution of Morphological and Ecological Diversity in Darter Fishes (Percidae Etheostomatinae).
Current Position: Medical Student
Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York, NY

CHANDLER, James ("Angus"): Ph.D. June 2013
Mentor(s): Artyom Kopp
Dissertation: Composition and Assembly of the Drosophila Microbiome
Current Position: Scientist, Zymergen, Inc.

CHRISTIAN, Caroline: Ph.D. December 2002
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton
Dissertation: Dynamics of a Seed Dispersal Mutualism Coasts, Benefits, and the Consequences of a Biological Invasion.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies; and Adjunct Faculty in Biology
Sonoma State University

CHRISTIE, Kyle: Ph.D. December 2018
Mentor(s): Sharon Strauss
Dissertation: Evolution and Ecology of Reproductive Isolation in California Jewelflowers
Current Position: TBA

COLFER, Ramana: Ph.D. March 2002
Mentor(s): Jay Rosenheim
Dissertation: Predator-Predator Interactions and Their Influence on Biological Control and Herbivore Population Dynamics in the Cotton Agroecosystem.
Current Position: Director of Research
Mission Organics, Salinas, CA

COLLAR, David: Ph.D. September 2007
Mentor(s): Peter Wainwright
Dissertation: Evolution of Morphological and Functional Diversity of Centrarchid Fishes.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Christopher Newport University

COPREN, Kirsten: Ph.D. June 2004
Mentor(s): Robert Page
Dissertation: The Genetic and Social Structure of the Western Subterranean Termite, Retiulitermes Hesperus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae).
Current Position: Lab Manager, Genome Analysis Core, Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
University of California, San Francisco

CORNWELL, Brendan: Ph.D. June 2018
Mentor(s): Richard Grosberg
Dissertation: Environmental Variation Across Nested Spatial Scales Differentially Shapes Patterns of Host and Symbiont Population Genetic Structure in a Marine Symbiotic Relationship
Current Position: Postdoc, Hopkins Marine Station, Monterey

CUTLER, David: Ph.D. December 1999
Mentor(s): John Gillespie
Dissertation: Understanding the Over-dispersed Molecular Clock.
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Medicine in Genetic Medicine, McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

DAEHLER, Curtis: Ph.D. June 1996
Mentor(s): Donald Strong
Dissertation: Seed Set Variability, Inbreeding Depression, and Effects of Herbivory in Introduced Smooth Cordgrass (Spartina Alterniflora) Invading Pacific Estuaries.
Current Position: Professor, Dept. of Botany
University of Hawaii

DALRYMPLE, Sarah: Ph.D. September 2012
Mentor(s): Rick Karban
Disseration: Interaction Between Ants (Formica Sibylla) and Jeffrey Pine (Pinus Jeffrey) Trees Benefits Both Species in Forests Managed with Prescribed Fire
Current Position: Assistant Clinical Professor
Boise State University

DAVIDSON, Jennifer: Ph.D. September 2000
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton
Dissertation: Pathogen-Mediated Maintenance of Diversity and Fitness Consequences of Near Versus Far Pollination for Tropical Trees.
Current Position: Research Associate, Biology
Bowdoin College

DAVIS, Heather: Ph.D. September 2004
Mentor(s): Donald Strong
Dissertation: The Ecology of an Invasive Grass, Spartina Alterniflora.

DEERINWATER, Kathy: Ph.D. September 2015
Mentor(s): Rick Karban
Dissertation: Plant Volatiles as Information Sources Influencing Herbivore Preference and Performance
Current Position: Director of Strategic Initiatives and Research
American Indian Science and Engineering Society

DIAZ, Ryder: Masters September 2011
Mentor(s): Strauss

EDWARDS, Kyle: Ph.D. August 2010
Mentor(s): Jay Stachowicz
Dissertation: Coexistence Mechanisms in a Sessile Marine Community.
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa

EMERY, Nancy: Ph.D. December 2006
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton
Dissertation: Ecology and Evolution of Distribution Patterns in Annual Plant Populations.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

ENGSTROM, Tag: Ph.D. June 2003
Mentor(s): H. Bradley Shaffer
Dissertation: Molecular Studies of Phylogenetics, Ecology and Conservation of Softshell Turtles (Family Trionychidae) and Amazon River Turtles (Podocnemis Unifilis).
Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences
California State University, Chico

EPPLEY, Sarah: Ph.D. September 2000
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton
Dissertation: Intrapopulation sex ratio variation and sexual specialization in the dioecious grass Distichlis Spicata.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology
Portland State University

FABINA, Nicholas: Ph.D. December 2014
Mentor: Sebastian Schreiber
Dissertation: Understanding complex coral reef communities using computational and theoretical approaches
Current Position: Data Scientist/Engineer, Farmers Business Network
San Carlos, California

FISHER, Robert: Ph.D. March 1995
Mentor(s): H. Bradley Shaffer
Dissertation: Tracing Human Impacts in Natural Systems: Geckos in the Pacific and Amphibians in the Central Valley.
Current Position: Biologist
USGS: Western Ecological Research Center, San Diego

FITZPATRICK, Ben: Ph.D. September 2004
Mentor(s): Michael Turelli
Dissertation: Speciation and Barriers to Gene Flow.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

FRAIZER, Tamara: Ph.D. June 1996
Mentor(s): Catherine Toft
Dissertation: Sexual Size Dimorphism, Mating Systems and Sexual Selection for Large Males in the Digger Wasp (microbembex Hymenoptera: Sphecidae).
Current Position: Principal Attorney (Bio/Life Sciences and Technology)
Fish and Richardson P.C.

FREY, Melissa: Ph.D. June 2008
Mentor(s): Rick Grosberg and Geerat Vermeij
Dissertation: Systematics, Biogeography, and Pattersn of Diversification in a Group of Circumtropical marine Gastropods (Genus: Nerita).
Current Position: Invertebrate Zoology Collections Manager
Burke Museum, Univ. of Washington

FRIESEN, Maren: Ph.D. September 2008
Mentor(s): Sergey Nuzhdin
Dissertation: Variation in the Rhizobia-legume Symbiosis: Why are there Ineffective Rhizobia?
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences, Washington State University

FULLER, Patrick: Masters 2014
Mentor: Peter Wainwright

GALLOWAY, Laura: Ph.D. March 1994
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton
Dissertation: Evolution of Life-history Characters and Phenotypic Plasticity in Mimulus Guttatus.
Current Position: Professor, Dept. of Biology
University of Virginia

GARDNER, Shea: Ph.D. June 1997
Mentor(s): Marc Mangel
Dissertation: Theoretical and Empirical Studies of Plant Life History Variation.
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

GILLILAND, William: Ph.D. September 2003
Mentor(s): Charles Langley
Dissertation: Population Genetics of Two Female-Specific Meiotic Loci of Drosophila Melanogaster.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
DePaul University

GILMAN, Sarah: Ph.D. September 2003
Mentor(s): Richard Grosberg
Dissertation: Factors Controlling the Northern Geographic Range Limit of the Intertidal Limpet, Collisella Scabra (Gould).
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Biology, W.M. Keck Science Department, Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, and Scripps Colleges

GORIN, Jessica: Masters, December 1998
Mentor(s): H. Bradley Shaffer

GROSSENBACHER, Dena: Ph.D. June 2013
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton
Dissertation: Patterns and Processes of Floral Evolution and Speciation in Monkeyflowers, Mimulus
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Cal Poly

HALOIN, Jon: Masters September 2011
Mentor(s): Sharon Strauss and Jay Rosenneim

HARRIS, David: Ph.D. September 2015
Mentor(s): Andy Sih
Dissertation: Multi-Process Statistical Modeling of Species' Joint Distributions.
Current Position: Data Scientist, Wayfair

HAYGOOD, Ralph: Ph.D. June 2002
Mentor(s): Michael Turelli
Dissertation: Three Contributions to Theoretical Population Biology.
Current Position: Data Science Developer
Reverb Nation

HERSCH, Erika: Masters, September 2001
Mentor(s): Catherine Toft
PhD University of Oregon 2007
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Michigan Technical Univeristy

HOLLAND, Matthew: Ph.D. September 2008
Mentor(s): Alan Hastings
Dissertation: Transient Dynamics of Predator-Prey Metapopulations: Effects of Spatial Structure, Heterogeneity, and Stochasticity.
Current Position: California Water Board

HULSEY, C. Darrin: Ph.D. September 2004
Mentor(s): Peter Wainwright
Dissertation: Functional Micro and Macroevolution in Fish Jaws.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Konstanz

KELLY, Morgan: Ph.D. September 2011
Mentor(s): Richard Grosberg and Eric Sanford
Dissertation: Evolution of Thermal Tolerance and Mating Systems in Two Intertidal Crustaceans
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Science, Louisiana State University

KERN, Andrew: Ph.D. June 2005
Mentor(s): David Begun and John Gillespie
Dissertation: Drosophila Population Genomics.
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Oregon

KING, Elizabeth: Ph.D. December 2004
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton
Dissertation: Aloe Secundiflora Shrubs as Facilitators in Degraded Kenyan Rangelands, and Their Potential Use in Restoration.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia

KONDRASHOV, Fyodor: Masters, December 2004
Mentor(s): Sergey Nuzhdin

LAU, Jennifer: Ph.D. June 2005
Mentor(s): Sharon Strauss
Dissertation: Ecological and Evolutionary Responses of Native Exotic Community Members.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, W.K. Kellogg Biological Station
Michigan State University

LAWNICZAK, Mara: Ph.D. September 2004
Mentor(s): David Begun
Dissertation: Phenotypic and Genetic Variation of Postcopulaatory Responses in Drosophila Melanogaster Females.
Current Position: Honrary Lecturer
Imperial College London, South Kensington

LEE, Grace Yuh Chwen: Ph.D. June 2012
Mentor: Charles Langley
Dissertation: Population Genomics of Drosophila Coding Genes and the Evolutionary Impacts of Transposable Elements on Drosophila
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Chicago; Position as of July 2019 - Assistant Professor, UC Irvine, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

LEE, Kristin: Ph.D. September 2018
Mentor(s): Graham Coop
Dissertation: Detecting Signatures of Convergent Adaptation in Population Genomic Data
Current Position: Postdoc
Columbia University, New York (Molly Przeworskie)

LEONARDO, Teresa: Ph.D. June 2004
Mentor(s): Jay Rosenheim and Sergey Nuzhdin
Dissertation: Host Plant Specialization in the Pea Aphid Exploring the Role of Facultative Symbionts.
Current Position: Global Climate Change Advisor, Regional Development Mission for Asia
USAID, Bangkok, Thailand

LEVINE, Mia: Ph.D. September 2009
Mentor: David Begun
Dissertation: Recurrent and recent selection in the Drosophila Melanogaster Genome.
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania

LIN, You-Yu: Masters December 2008
Mentor: Charles Langley

LOCKWOOD, Dale: Ph.D. December 2002
Mentor(s): Louis Botsford
Dissertation: The Effects of Larval Dispersal and Spatial Heterogeneity on the Design of Marine Reserves.
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Program in Mathematics, Ecology and Statistics
Colorado State University

LONGO, Sarah: Ph.D. June 2017
Mentor(s): Peter Wainwright
Dissertation: Innovation and Constraint: The Evolution of a Novel Feeding Mechanism in Syngnathiform Fishes
Current Position: Postdoctoral Associate
Duke University, North Carolina

LUECKE, David: Ph.D. December 2018
Mentor(s): Artyom Kopp
Dissertation: Evolution of Genes, Genomes, and Development During the Emergence of Extreme Sexual Dimorphism in Drosophila Prolongata Forelegs
Current Position: Postdoc
Michigan State; MSU Electric Fish Lab

LUTTBEG, Bernard: Ph.D. September 1994
Mentor: Marc Mangel
Dissertation: Theoretical and empirical Studies of Information Gathering and Decision Making in Threespine Stickleback (Gasterosteus Aculeatus) Female Mate Choice.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Integrative Biology
Oklahoma State University

MARKO, Peter: Ph.D. September 1997
Mentor: Rick Grosberg
Dissertation: Historical Allopatry, Sympatric Morphological Divergence, and the Evolution of Reproductive Isolation in the Prosobranch Snail Genus Nucella.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences
Clemson University

MARSH, David: Ph.D. September 2000
Mentor(s): Susan Harrison
Dissertation: Experimental Studies of the Spatial Dynamics of Tungara Frog Populations.
Current Position: Professor, Dept. of Biology
Washington and Lee University

MARTIN, Christopher: Ph.D. September 2013
Mentor(s): Peter Wainwright
Dissertation: Adaptive Radiation on the Fitness Landscape
Current Position: Associate Professor, Biology Department
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

McBRIDE, Carolyn: Ph.D. December 2008
Mentor(s): Sergey Nuzhdin and Michael Turelli
Dissertation: Ecological Genomics and Incipient Speciation in Insects that have Invaded Novel Host Plants.
Current Position: Assistant Professor

McCALL, Andrew: Ph.D. September 2006
Mentor(s): Rick Karban
Dissertation: The Multiple Causes and Consequences of Florivory.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology
Denison University

McGEE, Matthew: Ph.D. December 2014
Mentor: Peter Wainwright
Dissertation: Functional Evolution in Threespine stickleback
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Monash University

MCINTYRE, Patrick: Ph.D. September 2011
Mentor(s): Sharon Strauss
Dissertation: Effects of whole genome duplication on adaptation, plasticity and niche variation in the Claytonia perfoliata (Portulacaceae) polyploid complex
Current Position: Scientist
CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

MCLENNAN, Laurie: Ph.D. December 1998
Mentor(s): Hugh Dingle
Dissertation: Aggregation in Hemiptera: A Life History Approach.

MCMUNN, Marshall: Ph.D. June 2018
Mentor(s): Louie Yang
Dissertation: Diel Variation Within Ecological Communities:  Experimental and Observational Field Studies
Current Position: NSF Postdoc - UC Davis (Rachel Vannette) and UCSC (Stacy Philpott)

MEISNER, Matthew: Ph.D September 2015
Mentor(s): Jay Rosenheim and Sebastian Schreiber
Dissertation: Enhancing Data-Driven Decision Making in Agriculture: A Big Data Approach.
Current Position: Head of Data Science
Farmers Business Network, San Carlos, California

MILLER-MESSNER, Gabrielle: Ph.D December 2011
Mentor: Rick Grosberg
Dissertation: The Evolution of Self-Incompatibility in the Invasive Solitary Ascidian Genus, Ciona.
Current Position: Course Developer/Curriculum Lead

MOORE, Jacob: Ph.D. September 2017
Mentor(s): Sebastian Schreiber
Dissertation: Restoration of Coastal Ecosystems: Understanding the Importance of Populations Structure, Positive Density Dependence, and Stochasticity
Current Position: Undergraduate Research Coordinator
University of Minnesota

MORITA, Shelah: Ph.D. Septebmer 2006
Mentor(s): Mike Sanderson and Peter Cranston
Dissertation: The Evolution of Long Proboscis Horse Flies (Diptetabanidae) in the Genus Philolicher (Wiedemann).
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Dept. of Entomology
North Carolina State University

MORRISON, Lloyd: Ph.D. June 1995
Mentor(s): Thomas Schoener
Dissertation: Island Biogeography and Metapopulation Dynamics of Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).
Current Positions: Adjunct Faculty, Dept. of Biology
Missouri State University

NAGY, Eric Sandor: Ph.D. JUne 1995
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton
Dissertation: Ecological and Evolution Factors Influencing Gene Migration Between Two Subspecies in the Gilia Capitata Complex.
Current Position: Associate Director, Mountain Lake Biological Station

NELSON, Erik: Ph.D. December 2003
Mentor(s): Jay Rosenheim
Dissertation: Population Consequences of Predator Avoidance Behavior in the Pea Aphid
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Dept. of Enviornmental Science, Policy and Management
University of California, Berkeley

O'BRIEN, Anna: Ph.D. December 2017
Mentor(s): Sharon Strauss and Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra
Dissertation: The Confluence of Abiotic and Biotic Forces: Local Adaptation of Teosinte in the Context of Rhizosphere Biota and Environmental Gradients
Current Position: Postdoc (Megan Frederickson lab)
University of Toronto, Canada

OLYARNIK, Suzanne: Ph.D. December 2008
Mentor(s): Jay Stachowicz
Dissertation: The Causes and Consequences of Macroalgal Blooms on an Eelgrass (Zostera Marina) Community in Bodega Harbor, CA.
Current Position: Reserve Director
Bodega Marine Lab, UC Davis

O'MEARA, Brian: Ph.D. March 2008
Mentor(s): Phil Ward and Michael Turelli
Dissertation: Using Trees: Myremecocystus Phylogeny and Character Evolution and New Methods for Investigating Trait Evolution and Species Delimination.
Current Position: Associate Professor
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

ORR, Matthew: Ph.D. June 1994
Mentor(s): Hugh Dingle
Dissertation: Geographic Variation, Life History Adaptation, and Reproductive Isolation in Two California Grasshoppers.
Current Position: Assistant Professor
University of Oregon

PARICHY, David: Ph.D. June 1997
Mentor(s): Brad Shaffer and Carol Erickson
Dissertation: Evolution of Developmental Mechanisms Underlying Salamaner Pigment Patters.
Current Position: Professor, Dept. of Biology
University of Washington, Seattle

PERKINS, Alex: Ph.D. September 2011
Mentor(s): Alan Hastings
Dissertation: Coupled evolutionary and population dynamics of managed populations.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences
University of Notre Dame

PECK, Laura: Masters December 1995
Mentor(s): Jay Rosenheim

PIOVIA-SCOTT, Jonah: Ph.D. August 2010
Mentor(s): Thomas W. Schoener
Dissertation: Context-Dependence in an Ant-Plant Mutualism.
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Washington State University, Vancouver

PLASS, Doug: Masters December 2006
Mentor(s): Peter Chesson

PORTER, Stephanie: Ph.D. September 2011
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton and Kevin Rice
Dissertation: Evolutionary Responses to Environmental Context in the Legume-Rhizobium Mutualism
Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences
Washington State University, Vancouver

PREISSER, Evan: Ph.D. September 2004
Mentor(s): Don Strong
Dissertation: What Forces Structure Food Web Interactions? Theoretical, empirical, and Mathematical Approaches.
Current Position: Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences
University of Rhode Island

RANNEY, David: Masters December 1995
Mentor(s): Susan Harrison

RAY, Christine: Ph.D. December 1997
Mentor(s): Alan Hastings
Dissertation: Dynamics and Persistence of Spatially Structured Populations: Theoretical and Empirical Studies.
Current Position: Research Associate, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Colorado

RHOADES, Olivia: Ph.D.
Mentor(s): Jay Stachowicz
Dissertation: Consequences of Behavioral Trait Variation in Marine Consumer
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Marine Station, Fort Pierce, Florida

ROBINSON, Moria: Ph.D. December 2017
Mentor(s): Sharon Strauss
Dissertation: When Soils Cascade: Effects of Soil Resource Availability on Interactions Between Plants, Herbivores, and Their Natural Enemies
Current Position: Postdoc: USDA NIFA Post-Doctoral Scholar
Entomology Department, Michigan State University (with William Wetzel, January 2018)

ROSE, Laura: Ph.D. December 2002
Mentor(s): Charles Langley
Dissertation: The Population Genetics and Functional Analysis of the PTO Disease Resistance Gene in Lycopersicon SPP and the RPP13 Gene in Arabidopsis Thaliana.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Institute of Population Genetics
Heinrich Heine University - Duesseldorf

RUDGERS, Jennifer: Ph.D. September 2002
Mentor(s): Sharon Strauss and Don Strong
Dissertation: Evolutionary Ecology of ant Wild cotton Associations.
Current Position: Professor, Deptartment of Biology
The University of New Mexico

RUNQUIST (BRISCOE), Ryan: Ph.D. March 2012
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton
Dissertation: Pollinator-Mediated Competition and Sources of Pollen Limitation in Limnanthes Douglasii and Limnanthes Alba.
Current Position: Researcher
Plant/Microbial Biology, University of Minnesota

RYAN, Maureen : Ph.D. November 2010
Mentor(s): H. Bradley Shaffer and Peter Chesson
Dissertation: Ecology of Amphibian Hybridization in a Changing Landscape.
Current Position: Postdoc
Josh Lawler Lab, University of Washington

SABELLA, Clarissa: Masters March 2011
Mentor(s): Rick Grosberg

SALTZ, Julia: Ph.D. December 2011
Mentor: Andy Sih
Dissertation: Social Gene-Environment Correlation: Its Behavioral Mechanisms and Fitness Effects in Drosophila Melanogaster
Current Postion: Assistant Professor
Biosciences, Rice University

SCHUBERT, Tara: Masters June 2000
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton

SEARCY, Christopher: Ph.D. September 2011
Mentor(s): Thomas W. Schoener and Brad Shaffer
Dissertation: Conservation and Landscape Ecology of California Tiger Salamanders
Current Position: Assistant Professor
University of Miami

SEARS, Anna Warwick: Ph.D. June 2004
Mentor(s): Peter Chesson
Dissertation: Quantifying the Effects of Spatial Environmental Variation on Dynamics of Natural Plant Populations: Field Tests for Covariance Between Response to the Environment and Competition.
Current Position: Executive Director
Okanagan Basin Water Board

SEDGHIFAR, Alisa: Ph.D. December 2015
Mentor(s): David Begun
Dissertation: Geographic Patterns of Genomic Variation Shaped by Demography and Selection
Current Position:
San Francisco, California

SELLHEIM, Kirsten: Masters October 2009
Mentor: Jay Stachowicz

SHERRIFFS, Margaret: Masters June 2007
Mentor: Jay Rosenheim

SIGNOR, Sarah: Ph.D. June 2013
Mentor(s): Artyom Kopp
Dissertation: The Genetics of Convergent Evolution
Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of Southern California

SIMONS, Lee: Ph.D. June 1997
Mentor(s): Thomas Schoener
Dissertation: Distributional Ecology of Terrestrial Micromammals Based on Resource Preferences: Field Studies in Northern California.
Shasta Natural History Foundation

SPITZER, Brian: Ph.D. December 2003
Mentor(s): Sharon Strauss
Dissertation: Local Maladaptation and Maternal Effects in the Soft Scale Insect Saissetia Coffeae.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology
University of Redlands

SVOBODA, Julia: Masters March 2006
Mentor(s): David Begun

SWANN, Alisa: Masters September 1998
Mentor(s): Alan Hastings

SWEZEY, Daniel: Ph.D. December 2015
Mentor(s): Eric Sanford
Dissertation: Ocean Acidification on the California Coast: Responses of Marine Bryozoa to a High CO2 Future
Current Position: Scientist, The Cultured Abalone Farm, Santa Barbara

TAKADA, Tomomi: Masters December 2012
Mentor(s): Peter Wainwright

THOMSON, Robert: Ph.D. December 2010
Mentor(s): Brad Shaffer
Dissertation: Systematics at Multiple Scales of Diversity
Current Position: Assistant Professor
University of Hawaii at Manoa

TOONEN, Robert: Ph.D. December 2001
Mentor(s): Rick Grosberg
Dissertation: Genetic analysis of Recruitment and Dispersal Patterns in the Porcelian Shore Crab, Petrolisthes Cinctipes.
Current Position: Assistant Research Professor, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
University of Hawaii at Manoa

TRENHAM, Peter: Ph.D. September 1998
Mentor(s):Brad Shaffer
Dissertation: Demography, Migration and Metapopulation Structure of Pond Breeding Salamanders.
Current Position: Lecturer & Academic Adviser, Department of Biology
Penn State

TRUSZCZYNSKI, Anna: Ph.D. September 2014
Mentor: Sharon Strauss
Dissertation: Exploring the Ecological Role of Native and Introduced Plant Species Through Network and Phylogenetic Analyses
Current Position: Manager, Stormwater Unit, Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Atlanta, Georgia

TURNER, Thomas: Ph.D. December 2008
Dissertation: Investigating the Causes and Consequences of Population Differentiation: Genomic Approaches
Current Position: Associate Professor, Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology Dept.
University of California Santa Barbara

UMBANHOWAR, James: Ph.D. March 2002
Mentor(s): Alan Hastings
Dissertation: Temporal and Spatial Variability in Herbivorous Insect Outbreaks; Impacts of Parasitoids and Host Plant.
Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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WANG, Ian J.: Ph.D. August 2010
Mentor(s): Brad Shaffer
Dissertation: The Evolution of Color Polymorphism in a Pair of Poison-Dart Frogs
Current Position: Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley

WANG, YING: Ph.D. March 2009
Mentor(s): Bruce Rannala
Dissertation: Bayesian Inference of Recombination Rates and Hotspots Using Population Genomic Data
Current Position: Associate Scientist
Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

WARREN, Dan: Ph.D. November 2009
Mentor(s): Michael Turelli and Peter Wainwright
Dissertation: Methodological Advances in the Construction and Application of Environmental Niche Models
Current Position: Senior Scientist
Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Center, Frankfurt, Germany

WERNER, Chhaya: Ph.D. December 2018
Mentor(s): Truman Young and Susan Harrison
Dissertation: Temporal Variation and Plant Community Regeneration After Disturbance
Current Position: Postdoc
German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv); Anu Eskelinen's lab in the Global Change and Biotic Interaction Ecology group @ the Helmholtz Research Center (UFZ)

WEXLER, Judith: Ph.D. March 2018
Mentor(s): Artyom Kopp
Dissertation: The Evolutionary Origins of an Insect Sexual Differentiation Pathway Based on Sex-Specific Alternative Splicing
Current Position: Postdoc Associate
CMNS - Entomology, University of Maryland

WETZEL, William C.: Ph.D. March 2015
Mentor(s): Donald Strong
Dissertation: Spatial Heterogeneity in Herbivory: Effects on Individuals, Populations, and Communities
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Michigan State University

WHIPPLE, Amy: Ph.D. September 1998
Mentor(s): Donald Strong
Dissertation: Sources of Variation in the Interactions Among the Bush Lupine (Lupinus Orboreus), a Microbial Symbiot (Bradyrhizobium Sp.), a Root-redding Caterpillar (Hepialus Californicus), and an Entomopathogenic Nematode (Heterorhabditis Marelata).
Current Position: Director, Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research
Northern Arizona University ; Adjunct Research Professor, Deptartment of Biological Sciences

WHITE, Easton:  Ph.D. December 2018
Mentor(s): Alan Hastings
Dissertation: Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics in an Increasingly Variable World
Current Position: Postdoctoral Associate
University of Vermont

WHITNEY, Kenneth: Ph.D. March 2003
Mentor(s): Maureen Stanton
Dissertation: Evolutionary Ecology of Seed Predation and Seed Dispersal in a Polymorphic Acacia.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionay Biology
Rice University

WRIGHT, Amber: Ph.D. September 2009
Mentor(s): Thomas Schoener
Dissertation: Niche Breadth, Disturbance Specialization, and Behavioral Flexibility in an Invasive Lizard Anolis Sgrei.
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Ecology and Conservation Biology, University of Hawaii at Manoa

YAMASHITA, Grant: Ph.D. December 2006
Mentor(s): James Griesemer
Dissertation: On the Germ-soma Distrinction in Evolutionary Biolotorical and Conceptual Approach.
Current Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow and Project Manager, The Embryo Project
Arizona State University

YANG, Louie: Ph.D. September 2006
Mentor(s): Rick Karban
Dissertation: Periodical Cicadas (Magicicada Spp.) and the Ecolource Pulses.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Entomology
University of Davis

ZWICK, Michael: Ph.D. December 1998
Mentor(s): Charles Langley
Dissertation: Genetic Variation in the Mechanisms of Chromosome Transmission During Female Meiosis.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Human Genetics
Emory University, School of Medicine