Jonathan Eisen: From Aggie Hero to Time

February 25, 2020

Professor Jonathan Eisen, Population Biology faculty member, named the first Aggie Hero of 2019-20 for calling out science meeting organizers for gender and racial imbalance among presenters, last week landed on a Time magazine list of 16 people and groups “fighting for a more equal America.”

Discovering Curiosity: Uncovering the Hidden World of Plants with Jennifer Gremer

February 28, 2019

Assistant Professor Jennifer Gremer showed an interest in plant life at an early age, but her path to scientific research wasn’t straightforward. She dabbled in many fields related to plant sciences before joining the Department of Evolution and Ecology, from working as an interpretive ranger in Yosemite National Park to performing botanical surveys for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. 

Seeing Between the Numbers with Population Biology Graduate Group Student Vince Buffalo

February 27, 2019

Vince Buffalo, a UC Davis Population Biology Graduate Group student, studies evolutionary and population genetics in the lab of Professor Graham Coop, where he’s developing statistical methods that use population genomic data to detect when populations are rapidly adapting to new environments, which many organisms are currently doing as they face climate change. 

Elastic Slingshot Powers Snipefish Feeding

October 30, 2018

The snipefish, an ocean-dwelling relative of the seahorse, has a very long, skinny snout ending in a tiny mouth. A recent study by UC Davis graduate student Sarah Longo shows that snipefish feed with an elastic-boosted head flick at almost unprecedented speed.

“At as little as two milliseconds, it’s among the fastest feeding events ever recorded for fish,” said Longo, now a postdoctoral researcher at Duke University.