Admission Prerequisites

Prerequisites / Required Preparatory Coursework for Admission

The following prerequisite courses are required* for admission (with UC Davis course equivalents noted in parenthesis):

  • Biology:  A one year course in introductory biology for biology majors (e.g. BIS 2 series or equivalent)
  • Calculus:  A one year course in calculus (e.g. MAT 17 series or equivalent)
  • Statistics:  A course in statistics (e.g. STA 13 or STA 100 or equivalent)
  • Ecology or Population Biology:  An upper division course in general ecology or population biology (e.g. EVE 101 or equivalent)
  • Genetics:  An upper division course in genetics (e.g. EVE 102 or equivalent)
  • Evolution:  An upper division course in evolution (e.g. EVE 100 or equivalent)


*Must I complete all preparatory coursework prior to admission?

Applicants who are offered admission with missing entrance requirements will be notified prior to matriculation.  Once enrolled in the program, students will be required to complete missing entrance requirements in the first year of residence in the program.  First year students will meet with their First-Year Guidance Committee to determine how the missing entrance requirements will be completed.  Entrance deficiencies in upper division courses must be taken for a letter grade; lower division courses may be taken for a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade.  (We may recommend taking courses on campus, a community college, being a teaching assistant in a specific course, or other arrangements as deemed appropriate.)  Please email our Chair,, or our graduate group coordinator,, if you need further information.

Link to the UC Davis General Catalog for course descriptions: